10 Tips to Getting Your Children to Eat Healthy

Posted by Thorek Memorial Hospital | Jul 30, 2019 9:40:14 PM
  1. Kid with salad and tomato hat on his head, fake hair made of vegetablesIntroduce kids to a variety of healthy foods early so they will be more likely to want to try new foods throughout their lives.
  2. Make meal planning a family activity. Let your children come up with ideas for meals and nutritious snacks.
  3. Take kids with you to the grocery store and farmer’s markets.  Explain the different foods available, especially vegetables and fruits, how they can be cooked and their nutritional value.  Encourage them to make their own lists for the outing.
  4. Teach them that cooking is fun!  When they get to help making meals, they will be more excited about of how will they taste – and proud of their accomplishments.
  5. Read labels. Many foods that seem nutritious, such as fruit juices, are full of sugar and preservatives. Opt for water with just a dash of juice for color and taste.
  6. Eat in more and eat together as a family.   
  7.  Limit or eliminate junk food in your house.  This will make it easier for your children to make smart food choices.
  8. Teach them that food is fuel and not a treat. They will feel better mentally and physically when powered with healthy food choices.
  9. Be stealthy. If you child absolutely refuses to eat certain vegetables -- kale is a tough one! -- hide small amounts in foods they already like, like soups and stews.   Or swap out ingredients for their favorite foods, such as mashed cauliflower over mashed potatoes.
  10. Be a role model.  Kids will naturally want to eat what you are eating.

For more healthy eating tips, contact the Thorek Memorial Hospital Food & Nutrition Department.

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