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Recipe of the Month: 5-Minute Mug Cake

Just in time for Valentine's Day, you can now have the perfect, healthier version of chocolate cake in just 5 minutes with the help of your..
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Functional Foods

Magazine articles and news reports tout the benefits of "functional foods," which they claim can do everything, from reducing cholesterol to..
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Recipe of the Month: Roasted Beet, Orange & Arugula Salad

Colorful, fresh and nutritious, this classic salad gets tossed with an equally fresh citrus vinaigrette.
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Advice for Holiday Cooks

Whether you're an experienced cook or preparing to host your first holiday gathering, a little food safety advice can go a long way in..
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Recipe of the Month: Turkey and 3-Bean Chili

Warm up this month with this healthy and easy one-pot Fall recipe for turkey and 3-bean chili. The perfect family dinner for cold nights when..
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Understanding Diabetes

A whopping 34.2 million Americans have diabetes. And, even more people are unaware that they are at high risk for developing prediabetes or..
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Recipe of the Month: Butternut & Black Bean Chili with Quinoa

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year. The weather is cool and crisp, the colors outside are deep and rich and the food is warm and..
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7 Cancer Prevention Tips for Your Diet

Did you know you can help to reduce your risk of certain cancers by following a healthful lifestyle? Research shows that many cancers are..
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Recipe of the Month: Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal

This make-ahead breakfast recipe is easy to heat up and serve for kids (or adults!) for a quick healthy breakfast or snack. You can add a touch..
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