'Youtside' Launches Outdoor Fitness Club

Posted by Thorek Memorial Hospital | Jun 6, 2014 4:41:00 PM

A new outdoor-based fitness company is offering a "social fitness" with workouts set in Chicago's parks.

Youtside Fitness Club launched this spring with the idea of whole-body workouts designed to not only work up a sweat but also meet new people. No two classes are the same, and each class offers three separate levels of training - advanced, intermediate and beginner - for each class. For example, a beginner might be doing five pushups during a set while an advanced participant does 15, but they remain in a group together.

"We call it social fitness because it is meant to be done in a group environment and with friends and colleagues," said Patrick Kuehn, founder of Youtside. The fitness club doesn't have a permanent indoor location; instead it is equipped with six vans that provide water and jerseys for participants and can hold bags, phones and keys. The fitness classes are held at the south end of Lincoln Park, 157 North Ave.; Oz Park, 2021 N. Burling St.; at Montrose Beach and in Naperville.

Youtside plans add a class soon at the north end of Lincoln Park, 330 W Diversey Parkway.

The company plans to continue the workouts through the winter." As long as people are out and about, we are going to be having classes," Kuehn said. Kuehn, who has a lengthy background in international business, had lived in Europe for the past 22 years before coming back to Chicago. He hopes to expand the workout concept to the suburbs and beyond, if successful.

"There's nothing like it in the Chicago market," Kuehn said. "This is the beginning."

Courtesy of DNAinfo Chicago 

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